20 Tools for Better Shopping Experience

20 Tools for Better Shopping Experience

What I’ve learned from my online shopping experience is that there is no single online store that is best for all your shopping needs. Even if the giants like Amazon and eBay can provide everything you want under one roof, there is still no guarantee you’ll get the best deal out there. To find the best shopping deals, you may have to dig the Internet a lot.

However, as difficult it may sound, it really isn’t. There are a plethora of shopping tools that can automatically find the best deals, and help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Below I have listed 20 tools that can make shopping easier for you. Let’s take a look.

Chrome Extensions

Honey – The best automatic coupon code finder extension, Honey keeps an updated list of coupons for hundreds of stores and automatically applies them as soon as you are about to check out. Honey has never disappointed me so far and found the most useful coupons.


Shopicks – A shopping organizing tool that lets you save whatever you want to buy later and automatically organizes them into categories. It alerts about sales on the saved items, lets you share your wishlist with friends, and even compare prices right inside the extension interface.


Groolu – If you are always on a hunt to find great deals, then install Groolu right now. Groolu keeps a tab on deals websites like LivingSocial, Slickdeals, and Groupon, etc. and alerts you when new deals are found.

Avast SafePrice – My personal favorite, Avast SafePrice automatically finds better deals on other websites (if found) while you are viewing an item. For me, it always manages to pinpoint to the best deal on the internet. I have tested it many times by manually finding the best deals using different tools.

AliExpress Shopping and Cash Back – Install this extension and you’ll be able to get up to 4% cash as a rebate on most of your purchases from AliExpress. Apart from that, it also offers price comparison, price drop alerts, and 90-day price history for AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay.

aliexpress hopping cash back

MegaBonus – Another useful Chrome extension, MegaBonus offers up to 40% cashback on your purchases from popular stores, including eBay and AliExpress. I haven’t personally tried their rebate system, but I did notice an average of 8% rebate on AliExpress.

AliExpress Coupon Finder – A must-have extension for all AliExpress shoppers, this extension automatically finds coupons for AliExpress, and many times they can save a lot. Interesting thing is that it sometimes provides you tips to make purchases in a particular way to unlock more discounts. Such as buying another item from the same seller to get a bigger discount.

Better Search – If you like buying on Craigslist or similar classified websites, then Better Search is for you. It basically makes navigating such websites easier by marking the already visited ads, letting you a star and annotating the interesting ads to easily organize.

Firefox Add-ons

InvisibleHand – InvisibleHand, like Avast Safeprice, finds and recommends best available deals on other websites for the item you are viewing. However, it has a special focus on flights and hotels. It works with over 580 retailers and 589 airlines to get you the best deals.

Compass – Compass simply makes it easier to navigate websites like Amazon, Best Buy, OverStock etc. It gets rid of extra stuff and shows information that you actually need. For example, it will remove the “other also bought” section from Amazon to let you quickly reach the reviews.

Ciuvo – Ciuvo searches the Internet to find not only better deals for the items you need, but also reviews, videos, coupons, and other important information. A must-have extension for making an informed decision.

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