5 Steps to Become a Fashion Designer

5 Steps to Become a Fashion Designer

In today’s world, fashion designing is one of the most preferred and highly competitive career options. In order to pursue your career to become a Fashion Designer, you will have to develop your skills and should have knowledge of latest and vintage trends in fashion. Fashion designing is not only about designing clothes on paper with pen or pencil, but you also have to get a proper degree in Fashion Designing.

Depending on your skills, knowledge and your passion towards Fashion designing you should be aware of what subjects are needed to become a fashion designer. To help you with it we will list out some of them:

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1. Start Learning the basics from high school.

If you are very serious about making Fashion designing as your career you must kick off learning from the basics. Start drawing and painting your creation on a blank sheet, exercise for the choice of colors and pattern of design. Take a visual designing course like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc. Read fashion magazines, blogs from top fashion experts, etc. These few little things can encourage you to develop your skills and make you confident about this career.

2. Go for Bachelor and Master Degree in Fashion Designing Course.

Now, this is the time where you can learn the real kinds of stuff in Fashion designing. From learning about fashion history, clothing textiles, drawing and sketching clothes to managing fashion events or fashion house you can do all these stuff if you choose for a degree course from a good reputed College/University.

3. Get yourself Pro with a Bachelor in Visual Arts.

Some of the top designers in the world are having vast knowledge in visual arts. Join a Bachelor degree program for Visual Arts where you can have detailed in-depth knowledge in Digital 3D designing, Digital Professional Photography, collage, etc. Choose the best places to complete this course.

4. The Present, Past and Future of Fashion designing

Fashion is wearable art so; it is important to understand the latest trends of fashion as well as the history of fashion. Courses like the philosophy of Art can help you understand better about art history. In order we have discussed what subjects are needed to become a fashion designer to understand Fashion in present and past, you’ll also have to develop your skill in such a way that you can create new fashion trends for future also.

5. Textile and Apparel testing

In professional fashion designing course only designing clothes or accessories will not work for your successful career, you have to understand all about the varieties of textiles and apparel for a perfect combination of clothes. Develop your skill with textile and apparel testing for the betterment of your future.

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Fashion designing is the best career for one who is fashion obsessed and have great knowledge in designing and implementing your ideas in real life. We have discussed what subjects are needed to become a fashion designer to make you understand what is best for you. We hope this article provides you with all the information and hope to see you soon.

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