Here Are The Perfect Ways To Wear Florals This Spring

Here Are The Perfect Ways To Wear Florals This Spring

While many of us have been enjoying tons of warmth and sunshine throughout the “winter,” the official start of the spring season isn’t until Marvh 20th. Which gives you tons of time to get your wardrobe in order!

Spring is my absolute favorite season. The weather is perfect, the rain showers are plentiful, and I’m lucky enough to not have to suffer through any seasonal allergies. But the clothes, as with pretty much any time of the year, to be honest, are my absolute favorite thing. Flowy and flirty, colorful and bright, the possibilities for letting our my inner fashionista are never hindered by my need to stay super cool or super warm.

Everyone from tiny toddlers to grandparents wears floral print during the spring, but to me, it never feels overdone. Still, that doesn’t mean we have to stick with the same old cardigans and color patterns this year. Here are five, fashionable and fun ways to wear florals this spring.

1. Get All Decked Out

Not only do jumpsuits pretty much always look good, but they are also super easy to style and crazy comfortable as well. If you’re down for making a statement with your spring florals, invest in a jumpsuit like this one. The slight contrast between the black base color and the white, gray, and yellow flowers is absolutely gorgeous. It manages to be bright and fun without being overwhelming.

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2. Add A Floral Statement

You don’t have to deck out your entire outfit in florals to embody the season, all you need is a cool statement piece. This could be a fun little cardigan, a chic blazer, or a floral kimono like in this photo. Paired with a very simple jeans and t-shirt, this flowing floral kimono is easily allowed to be the star of this outfit.

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3. Wear A Flirty Skirt

This outfit is sweet, flirty, and great for all kinds of occasions. A lightly colored floral skirt is paired with a simple white blouse, olive green pumps to match the flowers, and plenty of elegant accessories. Wearing florals like this is great for everything from date night to Sunday morning service.

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4. Go Darker

Just because you’re wearing florals, doesn’t mean you have to wear tons of color. If something a little more chic and sophisticated is more your style, there are plenty of options out there for darker florals. These gorgeous, slim-fitting pants are paired with a neutral colored blazer and matching heels, easily turning the outfit into something effortlessly business chic.

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5. Choose A Dress

The great thing about a dress is how easy it is to look absolutely gorgeous while wearing one even while doing the absolute least amount of work. This gorgeous floral dress embodies everything I love about fall fashion. From the gorgeous florals to the little ruffles on the bottom. This simple outfit is super feminine and can easily be paired with a wide range of shoes and accessories.

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