The Lifestyle Guide for Young Urban Women

The Lifestyle Guide for Young Urban Women

What does a young modern women want these days. They can come to this site to find out what’s new, what’s hot in the world of fashion, restaurants, nightlife and more. All of their favorites in one place. We have found the latest social lifestyle website for young urban women from all over the world to come online and is expanding to countries all over the world. The site encompasses interesting guide to fashion, styles, food and drink, beauty, events and more. The site was founded in 2005 in Vancouver and built using Drupal content management system. The site has since grown and is an upcoming site for young urban women who not only want to read about the latest reviews. This also shares their own personal experiences.

The minimalist and clean look of the site is what makes it interesting and easy to navigate. Within the site, you can look for interesting features on fashion, styles, reviews on restaurants and nightlife and also the hottest events to attend in town. This entertaining site gives useful tips and guides as to what’s hot and what’s becoming hot in town. You can also provide comments, vote on items you like or dislike and bookmark items too. It’s like “sex and the city” but on the web.

With a plethora of women-focused sites out there, why would a woman want to come to this site? Well, women like to have choices and this site provides another alternative to the commercially successful sites that have grown to big and too commercial. The site also encourages writers from all walks of life to submit content that relates to the lifestyles of a young urban women. Selected writers are paid for contributing content.

John Keynes

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